‘Test-to-Stay’ Policy: Biden Unveils Push for Biweekly Covid Tests to Keep Children in School


The Biden Regime unveiled a new strategy to keep children in school rather than at home in quarantine.

Biden’s “test-to-stay” plan would require unvaccinated students to get tested for Covid twice a week during the week after they are exposed to Covid.

Rather than forcing the exposed child to go into quarantine, they will be swabbed and tested twice a week.

NBC News reported:

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The Biden administration unveiled a new strategy Friday using increased Covid-19 testing to keep children in the classroom.

The move comes as some school districts are once again going virtual in an attempt to avoid the worst of the omicron variant.

The strategy includes a “test to stay” approach: Instead of mandatory quarantines for unvaccinated students identified as close contacts of a Covid-positive peer, those students could remain in school if they test negative for the virus at least twice during the week after an exposure.

One of the new CDC reports, based on 90 schools in Lake County, Illinois, estimated that a “test to stay” approach prevented more than 8,000 missed school days. The other, from Los Angeles County in California, found schools that declined to use test to stay policies lost about 92,000 school days.

The studies demonstrate that “test to stay” works to keep unvaccinated children in schools safely,” CDC director Dr. Rochelle Walensky said during a White House Covid task force briefing Friday.

CDC Director Rochelle Walensky on Friday highlighted two school districts that are currently using the “test to stay” policy.


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