“They’re Using Jan 6 Really as a Way to Not Talk About the 2020 Election” – Ned Ryan on the Ruling Class, Administrative State

“they’re-using-jan-6-really-as-a-way-to-not-talk-about-the-2020-election”-– ned-ryan-on-the-ruling-class,-administrative-state

Ned Ryan was on Tucker Carlson late last week and he shared what all of America is thinking.

Ned Ryan, CEO of American Majority, was on Tucker Carlson late last week.

The desperation that surrounded Jan 6, all the hype, the cringe. It really feels like the last stages of a regime and the corporate propagandists as they realize they might be having power slip out of their hands.  I think you make a great point though, this is definitely about the ruling class, administrative state governing approach that senses their power might be waning…They’re using Jan 6 really as a way to not talk about the 2020 Election.  You dare to bring up, hey we might have questions about it. No January 6th, shut up.

It’s also used as a distraction for the absolute disaster of the first year of the Biden Administration.  I mean COVID policy is, was a disaster.  Inflation, everything is much higher than a year ago.  So let’s use this as a distraction, January 6th…

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Ryan’s comments were captured in the tweet below.

.@nedryun says the Cheneys showing up on the house floor suggest the ruling class feels their power slipping away.

— The Dirty Truth (Josh) (@AKA_RealDirty) January 8, 2022

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