Tommy Robinson and 40 UK Patriots Defend Victim’s Family Against Child Rape Gang


Patriots guarding the victim’s home in Telford

Tommy Robinson has debuted the trailer of his explosive doc on Muslim “grooming” (child rape) gangs. The doc will premier Jan. 29 in Telford.

Yesterday he had to appeal to British patriots to come to the aid of one of his victim’s families, who were being threatened and intimidated in the town of Telford, where one of the most depraved rape gangs was located.  Telford Police  confirmed “three seperate incidents in Telford on Thursday 30 December. Two of these were suspected arson and one an incident of criminal damage.”

Robinson released photos of the attacks on victims’ cars and houses, meant to intimidate the witnesses from testifying against the rape gang.

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Approx. 40 British patriots rallied to defend the victim’s family’s home on New Year’s Eve. They have now been relocated to a secret location.

Watch the trailer release for “The Rape of Britain” here.

Award-winning screen writer and novelist Steve Attridge on “The Rape of Britain”:

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