Tuberville: I Feel Sorry for Ukraine But We Forced This Issue — Putin Just Got Tired of It

Tuberville: I Feel Sorry for Ukraine But We Forced This Issue — Putin Just Got Tired of It

During an interview that aired on Mobile, AL radio FM Talk 106.5 on Monday, Sen. Tommy Tuberville (R-AL) argued U.S. foreign policy was the cause of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s aggressive actions against Ukraine.

According to Alabama’s senior U.S. Senator, had there been negotiations with Russia, there may have been a better outcome, and the Biden administration could focus on domestic woes.

“I feel sorry for Ukraine, but we forced this issue,” he said. “We kept forcing NATO all the way to Eastern Europe. And Putin just got tired of it. He said, ‘Listen, I do not want missiles on my border from the United States of America. It would be like Russia coming to Mexico and putting missiles in Mexico. I understand what he is talking about.”

“There should have been negotiations,” Tuberville continued. “This administration does not know how to negotiate. Antony Blinken, our secretary of state — my gosh, was that the best we’ve got? And there’s hundreds of thousands of people killed over this. But again, it goes back to one thing: We’re losing hundreds of thousands of people in our country because we have no border. They don’t want to close it. They want votes. Everybody says, ‘Well, you come up with a border package and you didn’t vote for it.’ That wasn’t a border package. That was a border giveaway. It had no chance of stopping anything at the border. The Democrats don’t want to do that.”

“We’ve just got to get to November and vote these people out because if we don’t, it’s over as we know it because we can’t afford four more years of two or three million people coming in that we don’t know who they are,” he added.

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