Twitter Leaps into Action – Blocks and Censors #LetsGoBrandon from Trending on Platform after 69,000 retweets


Earlier today a clearly confused Joe Biden was trolled into saying, “Let’s Go Brandon!” during a call with an American dad on Christmas Eve.

“Let’s go Brandon!” is a phrase that has become a euphemism for the profane protest chant “F*** Joe Biden.”

Immediately following his latest gaffe #LetsGoBrandon began trending on Twitter. It was repeated over 69,000 times.

But Twitter leaped into action and deleted the term from its trending list.

The tech leftists have to help Old Joe no matter what.

TRENDING: EPIC! Dad on NORAD Christmas Call Trolls Clueless Biden Into Saying, “Let’s Go Brandon! I Agree” (VIDEO)

Everybody knows @Twitter changed #LetsGoBrandon to #Brandon on their hell hole trending page.

And if you don’t… you have #mentalillness.

— Scott Helmer (@RealScottHelmer) December 24, 2021

In fact, if you type in LetsGoB the term LetsGoBrandon will not pop up.

These untrustworthy tech people are something else.

Look: Twitter is trying to pretend LetsGoBrandon isn’t trending like CNN tried to pretend John Griffin wasn’t a depraved pedophile. #LetsGoBrandon

— Low Rider (@low_riding) December 16, 2021

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