“Two Weeks to Flatten His Ego” – Fauci Media Appearances Have Fallen off the Cliff (VIDEO)


Where’s Fauci?

Dr. Fauci, the ubiquitous garden gnome, has seemingly disappeared.

Fox & Friends host Will Cain said Fauci’s media appearances have fallen off a cliff.

Even Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer iced out Fauci.

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Fauci has been reduced to Woke AF Podcast and answering, “why don’t we vaccinate bats?”

“Two weeks to flatten Fauci’s ego,” Will Cain said.


Fauci media appearances have fallen off a cliff. He’s been reduced to the Woke AF Pod and answering “Why don’t we vaccinate the bats?” Sad.

My monologue from last night:

— Will Cain (@willcain) March 5, 2022

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