TX A.G. Paxton: Biden ‘Trying to Hide’ Numbers on Border, We Only Know Because We Sued


On Thursday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “Faulkner Focus,” Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton (R) reacted to January 2022 migrant encounter numbers obtained in a court filing by stating that due to the Biden administration not publicly releasing the numbers, the lawsuit by the state of Texas against the Biden administration is “the only reason we have the actual numbers.” Because the administration is “trying to hide them.” Paxton also argued the Biden administration is “in recruitment mode. They’re not in keeping people out mode.”

Paxton said, “Look, the numbers…have gotten worse. We’ve doubled since Biden came into office a year ago and it’s quadrupled since Trump was in office. So, the numbers are getting worse. They didn’t even put the numbers out. We are in a lawsuit that allowed us to get those numbers. That’s the only reason we have the actual numbers. They’re trying to hide them. And they’re continuing to try to move people across this country as fast as they can.”

He later added, “I think you’ve got the Biden administration wanting to get people here as quickly as possible before they potentially get shut down by the courts. So, they are in recruitment mode. They’re not in keeping people out mode.”

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