UPDATE from Trudeau’s Canada — Windsor Police Continue to Move in on Freedom Protesters — SNIPERS on Roof Rain Hell Down on Peaceful Protesters


The Windsor police moved in this morning and started removing the Freedom Convoy Truckers from the Ambassador Bridge from Canada to the US.

The Canadian police had started to remove protesters at the Ambassador bridge in Windsor, Ontario, Canada where a blockade has been stationed need the Canada/U.S. border.

** Here is our earlier report from today.

The police are moving in.

Government snipers are on the roof overlooking the peaceful freedom protesters.

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Isabelle Rivo is reporting from the Windsor Ambassador Bridge in Canada.

Leave now, move your vehicles or you will be towed is what the police are saying at the ambassador bridge. for more.

— Isabelle Rivo (@isabellerivo) February 12, 2022

The police are on the move.

Enforcement continuing, individuals who are located within the demonstration area are subject to arrest. People are advised to immediately vacate the area.

— Windsor Police (@WindsorPolice) February 12, 2022

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