Update on Insticator Commenting System at The Gateway Pundit


Thanks to your support, Gateway Pundit has become one of the most popular websites in America.

Despite the continued and unrelenting attacks on our social media and reputation, The Gateway Pundit is one of the top most trafficked websites in the US

2021 is already the biggest year in Gateway Pundit’s history — with 2 months left to go!

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With our size and influence growing, several operatives in Big Tech and the radical left have Gateway Pundit in their crosshairs.  The attacks are constant.

One of those proactive moves we decided to take was to switch our commenting platform — so in mid October we moved from Disqus to Insticator.

This was not a financial decision.

It is now clear that there are still some glitches to work out. We are speaking with Insticator tomorrow (Tuesday) to discuss those issues.

We know that trolls are dominating some threads.  We know some comments are deleted.  We will push Insticator to include Rumble and Bitchute links.

Please include your concerns or questions below.  We will include them in our discussions tomorrow.

The Gateway Pundit is always committed to ensuring your voice can and will be heard.

Hello Commenters!

The Gateway Pundit is always committed to ensuring your voice can and will be heard. To reinforce that commitment, we are switching our commenting platform to Insticator. Don’t worry! All you have to do is create a commenting account with Insticator, and then you will be able to link past comments into your new Insticator account. For more information, we’ve written an article that you can read HERE. If you have any feedback or questions about your Insticator commenting account, please email them at: [email protected].

What do you think?

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