UPDATE on North Carolina Redistricting Saga: What’s Clear Is Democrats Will Never Accept a Republican Drawn Map


UPDATE on Unconstitutional, Partisan NC Supreme Court Ruling from Congressional Candidate Courtney Geels

A week ago we reported that the North Carolina Supreme Court, in a party-line, 4-3 vote reversed a unanimous bipartisan trial court opinion.  The Democrat-controlled North Carolina Supreme Court issued a ruling that the North Carolina Congressional districts be redrawn.

This partisan decision was not unexpected given that Democrat Justice Anita Earls refused to recuse herself despite major conflict-of-interest issues. The case was funded by her megadonor Eric Holder and argued by her former law partner. Of course, she cast the tie-breaking vote. To further remove any pretense of impartiality, she even bragged about the decision on Twitter.

“Based on the trial court’s factual findings, we conclude that the congressional and legislative maps … are unconstitutional beyond a reasonable doubt.” Order here:

— Anita Earls (@Anita_Earls) February 4, 2022

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Here was our report.

North Carolina Supreme Court Justice with Deciding Vote on Redistricting Ruling Didn’t Recuse Herself Despite Her Former Law Partner Arguing for Dems

On Thursday at the NC Legislature, one thing became abundantly clear: No Republican map will ever be accepted by the Democratic minority.

This sad reality became apparent after NC Republican leaders released updated redistricting map proposals that one prominent redistricting expert called “shockingly competitive.”  Despite this good faith attempt from GOP leadership, every Democrat voted against the new maps.

Make no mistake. Through these efforts, Democrats are attempting to overturn the will of the people. The proposed maps reflect the choices voters made in 2020 when they elected state Legislators to oversee redistricting and meet all the court-ordered mean-median and efficiency gap tests.

The remedial Congressional map has a mean-median score of approximately -0.61% which is well within the court’s proposed standard of plus or minus 1%. The efficiency gap is approximately -5.3% which also falls well within the court’s requirement for plus or minus 7%.

In their ruling, the NC Supreme Court said new maps would be “presumptively constitutional” if these requirements were met. Now it is time for the Court to live up to those words and give North Carolinians their chance to vote.

Winning under these circumstances will be difficult, but I am not intimidated. WRAL notes that, “the revised map gives Democrats significantly better chances to win congressional seats in the state compared to the U.S. House plan passed last fall.” To avoid this fate and deliver another Red Wave, we will have to work together to vote out those who stand in the way of the will of the people. Please consider donating to my campaign today. We have already seen a 10 point swing towards Republicans in key states such as Virginia and New Jersey and polling in North Carolina is showing this trend intensifying. I plan to run in a “blue leaning” district if these maps hold. Let’s send a message to the Democrats that it is not okay to override the will of the people.

Please visit Courtney Geels campaign website at to donate or volunteer today.

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