US Immigrant Population Hits HIGHEST NUMBER in History After Just One Year of Joe Biden’s Open Borders, Open COVID Policies


Illegal immigrants at Del Rio crossing in 2021

Thanks to Joe Biden’s open borders policies the US immigrant population is at its highest number in history.

There are currently 46.2 million foreign-born people living in the US today — that we know of.

The number, of course, is likely much higher.

The greatest contributor to this number is Joe Biden and Democrats and their open border policies.

This also does not bode well for Mitch McConnell and the other RINOs who refused to fund President Trump’s border wall project for years during his first term.

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It’s obvious that these people really don’t care about the future of this country.

Via The Daily Mail.

The number of immigrants in the U.S. – both illegal and legal – has hit an all-time record high, with a Monday report showing 46.2 million foreign-born people are living in the country.

According to the Center for Immigration Studies report on the Census Bureau’s monthly Current Population Study (CPS), immigrants made up 14.2 per cent of the U.S population as of November 2021.

This figure is the highest the U.S. immigration population has been in 111 years. It is also triple the share of the population since 1970 and double since 1990.

In 2021, the U.S. saw record-breaking surges in immigration with illegal crossing over the southern border with Mexico as Joe Biden took office and loosened restrictions coupled with legal immigration spikes after Donald Trump lost reelection.

While legal immigration does contribute to the record-high number, illegal immigration is the main contributor to the latest numbers.

Customs and Border Protection data shows they have encountered at the southern border more than 1.75 million migrants illegally crossing or attempting to seek asylum in the U.S.

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