VIDEO: Angry Trans in Wig and Half-Mask Attacks Dr. Shiva’s Fiancé – Then Assaults Multiple Women at Peaceful Truth Freedom Health Day Rally


On Friday, December 31st, members of Dr.SHIVA’s Truth Freedom Health® movement held events across New England to celebrate the last day of the year 2021 as a Truth Freedom Health® Day.

The protesters gathered on bridges and in parking lots n places such as Billerica, Boston, Cambridge, and Nashua, and others.

Unfortunately, a violent trans(?) in a half-mask and wig assaulted several women at one of the rallies including Dr. Shiva’s fiancé.


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At a standout in Cambridge, a local group of working women came to share the message of the Truth Freedom Health® movement. They handed out flyers and cards saying “Working People Unite, Truth Freedom Health®.” One of these working women was Dr.SHIVA’s fiancé.

As this standout was coming to a close, an enraged individual wearing a wig, charged this group of working women, and demanded to speak with Dr.SHIVA while shouting obscenities against their message of Truth Freedom Health. He accused them falsely claiming that Dr. Shiva and they were “Q-Anon,” and was livid they were not supportive of Big Pharma’s forced medical procedures…

…The assailant attacked two of the women when he could not get to Dr. Shiva, and repeatedly and rapidly punched Dr.SHIVA’s fiancé in her chest multiple times. This video captures one of those assaults:

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