Washington Democrat Governor Inslee Wants It a Crime for Politicians to Lie About Election Results (He’s Suspected of Stealing His Election)


Washington Governor Jay Inslee wants to make it a crime for politicians to ‘lie’ about election results.  The problem is many don’t believe he won his election in 2020.

Washington Governor Inslee is not just disliked, he’s hated.  For some unknown reason, he ran for President and had no following.  He then ran for governor in Washington state again, despite his horrible record managing COVID and taking away his citizens’ rights in the process.

Far Left Governor Jay Inslee Booed Off Stage in Eastern Washington

One trooper let Inslee know what he thought about him on his last day due to Inslee’s insane COVID mandates.

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There were many more state troopers who feel the same about Inslee.  Inslee also is responsible for COVID deaths due to the way he handled the crisis.

Washington State’s Jay Inslee Joins the Growing List of Democrat Governors Who Need to be Investigated for Contributing to COVID Deaths With Insane Elderly Care Policies

Now according to a local report, Inslee wants to take away free speech.

Washington Democrat Gov. Jay Inslee is calling on lawmakers in the Evergreen State to make it a crime for “elected officials or candidates for office” to lie about election results.

“It should not be legal in the state of Washington for elected officials or candidates for office to willfully lie about these election results,” Inslee said, according to a report from the Seattle Times.

The problem for Inslee is many in his state believe he stole his election in 2020.

Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Loren Culp Sues Washington Secretary of State for 2020 Election Mismanagement – Demands an Audit of Ballots and Voting Machines

Now Inslee wants to make it a crime to complain about him stealing his election in Washington.  This guy is the embodiment of the Democrat Party today.

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