WATCH: Man Punches Connecticut School Board Member Over ‘Racially Insensitive’ Mascot Debate


On Tuesday evening, a Connecticut school board meeting turned violent during a debate about a “racially insensitive” mascot.

The incident took place during a special school board meeting in the Glastonbury High School auditorium.

The meeting was set to debate dropping the school’s new team name, “the Guardians,” and bring back the previous name “the Tomahawks,” which was deemed insensitive by some.

Over 2,500 people signed a petition to ditch the new name and go back to the previous one.

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The board member, Ray McFall, could be seen in the footage arguing with the man before shoving him. The man responded by punching him in the face.

The board member initially fell, but got up, but the fight was quickly separated by the crowd.

The meeting ended up closing without a vote. The police are currently investigating, but no arrests had been reported at time of publishing.

Watch the altercation here via NBC Connecticut:

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