WATCH — Pro-Abortion Activist Screams At Pro-Lifer: ‘You Are Scum!’


Pro-abortion activists hurled insults and screamed at pro-life advocates in front of the Supreme Court, calling them “scum,” “anti-woman,” and “pro-slavery.”

Footage captured by Breitbart News shows a pr0-abortion activist screaming at individuals who champion the lives of babies, asserting that they desire women to be owned by the state and “work for them as slaves.”

“You want us to be owned by the state and work for them as slaves creating their babies. You want us to be property. 14th Amendment bitch. 13th Amendment. You are pro-slavery!” one activist screamed.

Her tirade continued as she shouted, “You are anti-woman. You are a traitor. You are scum.”

Another pro-abortion activist stated that women need access to “safe abortion,” adding, “No more black women dying on kitchen tables!”

“They forced us to have children in slavery! They raped us, and forced us to have their babies. … They forced us and then sold our children,” she said.

This is hardly the only instance of pro-abortion advocates targeting those who seek to preserve life. Other footage captured by Breitbart News shows a pro-abortion woman confronting a Christian pro-lifer, chanting, “Hail fucking Satan!”


Matt Perdie / Breitbart News

The protests come in reaction to the draft Supreme Court opinion overturning Roe v. Wade, which would simply kick decisions on abortion back to individual states. One survey released this week found that likely voters trust their governor and state legislature, rather than the federal government, to make determinations on abortion.

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Written by Newsman

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