WATCH: ‘Spider-Man’ Rescues Toddler Walking on Roof in Rhode Island

WATCH: ‘Spider-Man’ Rescues Toddler Walking on Roof in Rhode Island

A man in Woonsocket, Rhode Island, is being praised for saving a small child on Tuesday from an extremely dangerous situation.

When a toddler was spotted walking around on the roof of a building near a busy street, neighbors were shocked, WJAR reported Wednesday.

Michelle Higgins told the outlet she was afraid the little one was going to fall off the balcony that hangs over South Main Street. However, an anonymous man realized what was happening, and he took matters into his own hands.

Higgins said the toddler was walking back and forth toward the edge near an open window when the man tried to tell the child to go back.

The man then climbed up the side of the building and grabbed the child before it was too late. “My son keeps saying he has to be Spider-Man,” Higgins recalled.

Video footage shows the man, who has incredible strength, leap onto the roof and bend down to catch the toddler. The child appears not to be afraid as he approaches:

Dramatic video shows a person scale a building in Woonsocket to save a toddler on a roof.

— NBC 10 WJAR (@NBC10) February 7, 2024

The man then sets the toddler on his hip and peers into a window, apparently trying to figure out how the child got onto the roof.

“It’s a good thing he was walking, or whatever, to come save the baby,” one neighbor told WPRI when he learned of the incident:

Another man jokingly said, “You know, my mom always says when it’s too quiet, you know they’re doing something bad.”

Law enforcement officers said the child’s mother left the window open to let air in because it was too hot. The window was apparently situated near a bed inside the home.

“He saved that babies life,” one social media user said of the man who rescued the toddler, while another person commented, “Relax Spidey he’s got this.”


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