We Have “A Pretty Good Idea of What Happened in Each of Those States Because We’ve Found Different Pieces in All of Those States” – Christina Bobb from OAN (AUDIO)


Christina Bobb from OAN shared her observations on the 2020 election after traveling the US following the 2020 Election.

The One America News host had numerous exceptional observations as a result of her reporting and investigative work around the country since the 2020 Election.  She recently joined Joe Hoft on Real Talk 93.3 in St. Louis:

Every single state has been obstructing, whether it’s Republican or Democrat.  Have been obstructing the opportunity to really get to transparency of what happened in the election.  So we really don’t have a clear picture of any one state what happened in that state but we’ve had enough investigation in Arizona, in Wisconsin, in Georgia and Pennsylvania and we’ve had enough glimpses at these varous states that you can combine them together and get a pretty good idea of what happened in each of those states because we’ve found different pieces in all of those states.

Christina also shared:

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Wasn’t it something that the only states that had to stop counting on Election Night were those where President Trump was ahead?

Here is an audio of the interview:

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