WHISTLEBLOWERS: UFO Reportedly Caught on Video Shooting Down Nuclear Warhead During Test Launch – Government Would Have Made the Footage Disappear

WHISTLEBLOWERS: UFO Reportedly Caught on Video Shooting Down Nuclear Warhead During Test Launch – Government Would Have Made the Footage Disappear
Ilustration reproducing the alleged 1964 taped UFO takedown of a dummy nuclear warhead.

The UFO mania just won’t go away, with more and more reports surfacing ever day dealing with evidence – true or imagined – of these unidentified craft roaming the skies in speed and maneuvers that are not possible with our present ‘known’ technology.

Now we learn of multiple allegations that that ‘the US military is in possession of a video of a UFO apparently disabling a nuclear warhead during a routine test, according to multiple former officials’.

They video in question, it is alleged, shows a ‘saucer’ shooting four beams of light at the unarmed, dummy warhead, disabling it right after it detached from the Atlas missile booster.

But who are the sources to this ‘fantastic-to-the-max’ story? It all begins sixty years ago: retired US Air Force officers Lieutenant Bob Jacobs and Major Florenze Mansmann claim to have viewed the recording of the 1964 encounter ‘before the tape went missing’.

Daily Mail reported:

“The former officials were part of a team responsible for capturing video of missile test launches in California with telescopic photography and videography equipment. 

Two days later, after they screened the video, they claim that two plain-clothed CIA agents confiscated the footage and swore them to secrecy.”

The decades-old incident came back into public awareness due to author Robert Hastings re-investigating it.

Lieutenant Jacobs was in charge of a military telescopic photography site in Big Sur, California.

The alleged video he shot shows the missile as it traveled thousands of miles per hour over the Pacific Ocean.

Major Mansmann was the chief photographic imagery analyst at Vandenberg Air Force Base in nearby Santa Barbara County, California.

“The craft inadvertently caught on film was domed and disc-shaped, according to Jacobs and Mansmann. It was a ‘classic disc, the center seemed to be a raised bubble…the entire lower saucer shape was glowing and seemed to be rotating slowly,’ according to a letter Mansmann wrote about the incident in 1983.

‘At the point of beam release…the object turned like an object required to be in a position to fire from a platform… but again this could be my own assumption from being in aerial combat’.”

Mansmann told Jacobs not to discuss what they had seen. But come 1982, Jacobs began discussing the event.

His claims were dismissed by skeptics, he suffered harassment and anonymous death threats.

Beyond the alleged video, there is some – limited – evidence supporting the story.

“A declassified but unreleased set of radar data of the September 15, 1964 event apparently confirmed that an unidentified aerial object was observed near the dummy warhead during the missile test, a source told Hastings.” 

Hasting has posted a few days ago, on The UFO Chronicles website, that whistleblower Luis Elizondo acknowledged the existence of the video and claimed he has seen it.

Elizondo who alleges he was the former director of the Pentagon’s Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP) program to study UFOs.

A US Senate investigator would have told Hastings that Elizondo confirmed this description in an official interview last year.

“‘During that briefing, the former AATIP director confirmed the existence of the video, the details regarding what it showed, and the location of a copy of it in AATIP’s workspaces’, Hastings wrote in the new post.”

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