Wisconsin Speaker Vos Wants Special Counsel Michael Gableman to Complete Election Investigation by End of February


Wisconsin Assembly Speaker Robin Vos told reporters at WISC News this week that he wants retired Judge Michael Gableman’s review of the 2020 election completed by the end of February.

Vos was in talks with former Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman to extend the Republicans’ review of the 2020 election for another two months at least.

Gableman has been investigating the 2020 presidential election results in Wisconsin

Special Counsel Michael Gableman has subpoenaed Wisconsin election officials as part of his investigation into the 2020 Election irregularities.

The Wisconsin Special Counsel overseeing an election review in the state has subpoenaed Wisconsin election officials.

Wisconsin Special Counsel Michael Gableman Issues Subpoenas in His 2020 Election Probe – Will Any Justice Be Served?

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WISC Politics reported:

Assembly Speaker Robin Vos says he wants Michael Gableman’s review of the 2020 election to be complete with a final report by the end of February.

“I’ve been very clear with Justice Gableman,” Vos said on WISN’s “UpFront,” produced in partnership with “I want to have legislation on the floor to be able to pass no later than the end of our session which concludes in March. So that means I really need his report by the end of February for us to be able to utilize that as part of the evidence we present to the people of Wisconsin as to why we need to make the changes that are necessary.”

Vos told WISN’s Matt Smith he routinely updates former President Donald Trump on the investigation.

“Oh yeah, I’ve talked to him,” Vos said. “I wouldn’t say on a regular basis, but half-a-dozen times just to keep him up-to-date to make sure he understands what’s happening but to know we are doing our very best.”

Vos also weighed in on several new legislative proposals, including one that would dissolve the Wisconsin Elections Commission and put the secretary of state in charge of election administration.

Vos said he doesn’t support the idea.

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