With Biden in Charge, China Says It Doesn’t Fear a Confrontation with the US


China says it has no fear of the US anymore.  

China is not afraid of the US with the Biden gang in charge.

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said on Monday that China is open to cooperation with the U.S. but is also prepared for and unafraid of a confrontation with the U.S.

During remarks about China’s diplomatic posture towards the world, Wang, “China’s attitude is consistent and clear-cut: dialogue may be conducted, but it should be based on equality; cooperation is welcome, but it should be for mutual benefit,” adding, “Competition may exist, but it should be healthy in nature; confrontation, which China does not fear, will be met in kind.”

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Wang said Chinese leader Xi Jinping had “outlined a strategic framework of mutual respect, peaceful coexistence and win-win cooperation for China-U.S. relations” but warned the U.S. “should drop its old habit of wanton interference in China’s internal affairs.”

“Some Americans, deep in their hearts, are reluctant to recognize other countries’ right to development, to accept China’s growing strength and progress, and to acknowledge that the two countries may work together for mutual benefit,” Wang said. “They even attempted to gang up with other countries to contain and suppress China. Such wrong words and acts have undermined the interests of the two peoples.”

Later in his remarks, Wang said, “A certain non-regional power has unveiled an Indo-Pacific strategy to stoke confrontation and create rival blocs in the region, thus causing the greatest impediment to regional peace and stability.”

This comes while China consistently threatens Taiwan with threats of an attack.

China Does It Again – Sends 27 Aircraft Into Taiwan’s Air Defense Zone

China has also threatened US troops that attempt to protect Taiwan from a China invasion.

China Threatens It Will Attack Any US Troops Attempting to Protect Taiwan if a War Starts with the Tiny Island Country

Biden successfully removed the US from a superpower status.  His every action has hurt the US and helped China.  Why would China be afraid of the US under Biden?

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