Wow. CNN Posts Fake, Perverted Tweets on Screen to Close Out Their Horrible 2021 Year (VIDEO)



CNN ended their year by posting fake, perverted tweets on their screen that somehow made it past the editors.

It was a rough year for CNN. At least one producer was sacked for luring girls for ‘sexual subservience’ training. In the ratings war, even FOX News drew more liberal viewers than CNN in 2021. And in December CNN fired their top host Chris Cuomo after he was accused of aiding his brother Governor Andrew Cuomo in his ongoing sex scandal.

Then on Friday night CNN posted perverted tweets on their news channel during their New Year’s Eve celebration.


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Shoutout to the @CNN producers who highlighted tweets from Mike Oxlong, Bo Nehr and Ben Dover tonight. You are the real heroes.

— brian braiker (@slarkpope) January 1, 2022

Warning on Language–

Via MidnightRider

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