WOW! Project Veritas Publishes Leaked ESPN Internal Memo on #ExposeESPN — Includes Gateway Pundit and Dirty Smears of Project Veritas


On Tuesday night, Project Veritas released an undercover video exposing ‘blatantly racist sh*t’ at ESPN.

The whistleblower, ESPN Studio Operator Trevor Adams, recorded undercover video and audio of several ESPN employees discussing a toxic and racist workplace.  Adams previously sent out a company-wide email airing concerns of several employees on the hostile workplace.  Two days after his email was sent, local law enforcement arrived at his home at the request of ESPN which flagged him as a security threat.  Adams told Project Veritas he was surprised by the reaction from ESPN given the amount of support he received from coworkers.

Several ESPN employees supported Adams for speaking out.

On Thursday, Project Veritas published a leaked email from inside ESPN.

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Stephen McDonald, an Associate Manager in Customer Care, sent out a company email telling ESPN employees how to deal with any complaints or concerns from their fans concerning the ESPN investigation.  ESPN employees are also ordered not to engage in any social media posts on the PV investigation.

ESPN links to The Gateway Pundit report in their email.

And, of course, they smear Project Veritas using defamation from Wikipedia leftists.

Via Project Veritas

This was posted on the Project Veritas Telegram page:

Leaked Internal Email from ESPN Customer Care Manager Stephen McDonald copy/pastes misleading Wikipedia description to falsely label Project Veritas.

Employees instructed to “not engage on any social media posts” regarding #ExposeESPN video exposing racism within the workplace

Here is the leaked ESPN email on Project Veritas.

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