Yesterday Judge Ruled Prince Andrew Related to Allegedly Sexually Abusing a Minor Will Move Forward – Today the Prince Has All Royal Connections Taken Away


Prince Andrew, Duke of York’s request to dismiss his case yesterday was denied.  The case will move forward. 

Here is a clip from the first page of the judge’s decision to move forward from yesterday.

In the attached Twitter account below is the entire decision from the judge to move forward.

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#BREAKING #PrinceAndrew’s motion dismiss the case brought by @VRSVirginia is DENIED.

— kagbro88 (@kagbro88) January 12, 2022

It’s also reported today that Prince Andrew had his military links and Royal patronages removed:

Prince Andrew had his military links and Royal patronages removed on Thursday and will no longer be known as “His Royal Highness,” Buckingham Palace said, as the son of Queen Elizabeth II fights a U.S. lawsuit in which he is accused of sex abuse.

Andrew, 61, the Duke of York, was forced to step down from public duties in 2019 because of his connections to convicted U.S. sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, and after a disastrous BBC TV interview which the prince had hoped would clear his name.

Thursday’s move by the Royal Family means he will now lose all his royal connections.

The time to deal with the past is coming quickly to Prince Andrew.

What do you think?

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