YouTube Censors Jordan Peterson and Daughter Via Lack of Search Autofill

YouTube Censors Jordan Peterson and Daughter Via Lack of Search Autofill

Go to YouTube search and type in “Xi.” The autofill will most likely, and conveniently, reveal “Xi Jinping” for your easy-to-find search term. However, if you type in “Jordan,” the YouTube autofill will likely reveal the last names of Poole, Klepper, Love, Belfort, Lacey, and Davis. Does a certain last name appear to be missing from the list? Perhaps the best-known psychologist in the world? By now, most of you have probably guessed the identity that YouTube autofill dares not speak his name: Jordan Peterson.

Welcome to yet another pathetic YouTube censorship attempt in a year that contained an election that the social media giants were once again trying to “fortify” by stifling traffic to those who didn’t abide by the approved GroupThink.

Peterson’s daughter, Mikhaila, discovered the method by which YouTube “tanked” traffic to both their channels.

If you go to YouTube on an incognito tab (logged out) @jordanbpeterson doesn’t autofill and neither do I. My views recently have tanked. His have as well. This will crush my podcast on @YouTube if it’s not reversed.

— Mikhaila Peterson (@MikhailaFuller) February 5, 2024

Her father was also less than happy with this situation to the extent that he labeled the censors at YouTube pulling this autofill stunt as “saboteurs.”

The saboteurs at @youtube have disabled autofill for my name and that of my daughter. These pathological shadow-figures are messing with the very structure of our perceptions (what we see in the virtual world) and with the stability of weights and measures themselves.

What’s up…

— Dr Jordan B Peterson (@jordanbpeterson) February 5, 2024

Newsweek noted on Tuesday that this wasn’t the first time social media had attempted to censor Jordan Peterson:

This isn’t the first time Peterson has had issues on social media platforms after sharing his views. In 2022, he was suspended from X over a 2022 post about transgender actor Elliot Page, where he deadnamed The Umbrella Academy star and said he would “rather die” than remove the post, in a 15-minute Instagram video.

In October last year, he remarked that a “coordinated attack” led to his Instagram account being suspended, and although he didn’t specify what the alleged attack consisted of, users appeared to believe it was related to his comments about the Israel-Palestinian war.

The big question was: Would YouTube restore the autofill functionality for Jordan (and Mikhaila) Peterson or would they wait until after this year’s election was over and there was no longer any need to “fortify” it?


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