Full 10-game schedules for every UFL team: Season starts March 30

Full 10-game schedules for every UFL team: Season starts March 30


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Danny Garcia and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson announce the UFL’s new conferences. (2:16)

  • ESPN staffMar 7, 2024, 07:00 AM ET

We’re roughly three weeks from the debut of the United Football League, which is the product of a merger between the XFL and USFL. Starting with the March 30 matchup between the Arlington Renegades and Birmingham Stallions, eight teams will play a 10-game season that culminates in a championship contest on June 16.

The opener between the XFL champion Renegades and the two-time USFL champion Stallions is the first of 40 UFL games this season. We have that game and the remaining 39 listed below, as we’ve listed the entire 2024 schedule by team. They’re listed in alphabetical order, starting with the defending XFL champs.

Arlington Renegades

March 30: vs. Birmingham
April 6: at St. Louis
April 13: vs. D.C.
April 21: at Houston
April 27: vs. San Antonio
May 5: at Michigan
May 11: vs. Memphis
May 19: at San Antonio
May 25: vs. St. Louis
June 2: at D.C.

Birmingham Stallions

March 30: at Arlington
April 7: at Michigan
April 13: vs. Memphis
April 20: vs. D.C.
April 27: at Houston
May 4: at Memphis
May 11: vs. St. Louis
May 18: vs. Houston
May 25: at San Antonio
June 1: vs. Michigan

D.C. Defenders

March 31: at San Antonio
April 7: vs. Houston
April 13: at Arlington
April 20: at Birmingham
April 28: vs. St. Louis
May 5: vs. San Antonio
May 12: vs. Michigan
May 19: at St. Louis
May 26: at Memphis
June 2: vs. Arlington

Houston Roughnecks

March 31: vs. Memphis
April 7: at D.C.
April 14: at Michigan
April 21: vs. Arlington
April 27: vs. Birmingham
May 4: at St. Louis
May 12: vs. San Antonio
May 18: at Birmingham
May 26: vs. Michigan
June 2: at Memphis

Memphis Showboats

March 31: at Houston
April 6: vs. San Antonio
April 13: at Birmingham
April 20: at St. Louis
April 28: vs. Michigan
May 4: vs. Birmingham
May 11: at Arlington
May 18: at Michigan
May 26: vs. D.C.
June 2: vs. Houston

Michigan Panthers

March 30: vs. St. Louis
April 7: vs. Birmingham
April 14: vs. Houston
April 20: at San Antonio
April 28: at Memphis
May 5: vs. Arlington
May 12: at D.C.
May 18: vs. Memphis
May 26: at Houston
June 1: at Birmingham

San Antonio Brahmas

March 31: vs. D.C.
April 6: at Memphis
April 14: vs. St. Louis
April 20: vs. Michigan
April 27: at Arlington
May 5: at D.C.
May 12: at Houston
May 19: vs. Arlington
May 25: vs. Birmingham
June 1: at St. Louis

St. Louis Battlehawks

March 30: at Michigan
April 6: vs. Arlington
April 14: at San Antonio
April 20: vs. Memphis
April 28: at D.C.
May 4: vs. Houston
May 11: at Birmingham
May 19: vs. D.C.
May 25: at Arlington
June 1: vs. San Antonio


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